Oztoygar Design Works is a yacht design, interior design and consultancy company founded by Ali Oztoygar in İstanbul, 2008. By 2018 the company started operating in London, UK  where the Heart of the Earth beats!

We give yacht design, interior design, and architectural design services in various levels according to the needs of the customer. These levels can vary from basic concept layouts, sketches to detailed concept designs, renderings and lastly to publishing production and CNC drawings.

All kinds of the exterior, interior, and furniture design are being made in-house and besides that, we have engineering partners for all kind of necessary hull, stability and weight calculations with CE documentation for yachts.

We always follow our work and be sure that everything is understood by everybody and the yacht is built exactly as it was drawn.

We just don’t design vessels, we can find a vessel for you if you need as well in a case that you have a limited budget or you just want to buy not wait for months. We have various partners all around the world for inspection, engineering, design, and sales.

We also have partner boatyards in Turkey and in the UK that makes things easier for you that, from start to end you only speak with one person or team. For the shipyards and the studios, we also give project management,3d modeling, and production drawing services in-house or remotely.

Hope to hear from you